emerge magazine

design collaboration with Claire Schulz, and photography by Sanja Lukac.
Emerge Magazine is targeted towards an independent audience interested in the independent music scene. It aims to connect Canadian indie music to those who love and appreciate it and somewhat “pass-the-word”. The magazine is quarterly and features one Canadian City in each issue, with the summer issue diving into summer indie festivals. It will also share City venues, their owners and bands who originated from these cities.

emerge magazine insert

Emerge magazine aims at connecting the independent audiences in Canada, so for the summer issue featuring indie festivals the insert involved a poster design using infographic’s to show where these festivals take place and in which months.

design collaboration with Claire Schulz
The layouts for a couple of the festivals Emerge talked about in the insert for the magazine.

collection magazine

Collection Magazine project called for layouts to be designed around two feature articles and a products page. What Happens in Vegas is a feature about Vegas Spas and the main feature talks about the Fresh Hues for Spring. The layouts where inspired by the pantone system and personal taste in style.